Unleash A Highly Profitable, Elite Program In Your Studio That Instantly Allows You To Rival The Mega Fitness Franchises At The Push Of A Button.


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K2XFIT Combines A Unique Cutting Edge Fitness Product With Elite Marketing And Business Systems For Studio Owners To Build Substantial Recurring Revenue.

“I am now a true believer in K2XFIT!”


“These guys are amazing at what they do!”


"K2XFIT just delivers."


✅ It All Starts With A Superior Product - Every Workout Is A Custom Designed, Unique Experience.

K2XFIT is a finely tuned powerhouse system with a variety of fun, functional and efficient workouts to achieve maximum results and keep members engaged and excited to come back.

K2XFIT fuses elements of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, and Functional Training into a unique, fast, and exciting 30 minute group training experience.

This combination of interval, cardiovascular and strength training has been proven to be the most effective method for burning fat and building lean muscle

The K2XFIT system combines input from some of the top fitness trainers in the world and 18 months of intense research and market testing so that every workout is not only at the cutting edge of exercise science but fast, fun, and engaging.

✅ Completely Overwhelm The Market (And Your Competition) With An Arsenal Of Marketing Videos, Lead Generation Funnels, Recruitment Strategies, And Battle Tested, Proven Online Campaigns - All At The Push Of A Button.

✅ Brand Prestige & Visibility.

In the last 6 months alone, K2XFIT co-founder and brand ambassador Alain Moussi has appeared on dozens of TV shows, radio programs, magazines, celebrity podcasts, and has had numerous live appearances at exclusive events.

He is continually finding new ways to promote the brand including an upcoming social media campaign cataloging his K2XFIT training while in Thailand this summer filming his new movie.

"K2XFIT is an amazing turn key, high quality fitness program with tremendous support. If you want to create an additional revenue stream don't look anywhere else. I have never seen a product that delivers this much value for the price."

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Master

"Boutique" fitness clubs are one of the hottest trends in the fitness industry. Many top brands and franchises are experiencing explosive worldwide growth with this model. They are charging significantly higher fees than the big box gyms, operating in comparatively small spaces (1800 - 2500 square feet), and often with very limited equipment.

"Don't try and set trends. Just find out what they are and exploit them."

You already have the space. Maybe even some of the equipment. All you need is the right product to offer


Instantly And Easily Launch An Elite Program That Can Compete With The Million Dollar Fitness Brands.

Instead of trying to shoehorn yet another generic fitness program in your club and having to try to manufacture interest to a limited audience,  K2XFIT allows you to position yourself squarely as the elite fitness facility the market is actually looking for.

K2XFIT classes simply insert into your schedule and allows you to attract a whole new audience that never would have considered stepping into your studio. 

K2XFIT enables you to have a highly popular and professional fitness program that requires small floor space, little equipment, and that’s easy to staff.
  • Modest initial outlay secures license, equipment, and training.
  • Cash positive after the first 10 members(Including equipment costs.)
  • Complete turn key proven business system - no guess work or trial and error.
  • Substantial recurring income within a few months.
  • Fast 30 minute classes integrate easily into any existing schedule.
  • Easy to staff with professional instructors - Or run it yourself with our plug and play system.
  • Attract a whole new audience to your facility with cross over opportunities for your existing programs.
  • Allows you to instantly add massive value and saleability to your upgrade programs.
  • On-going support to keep your program and facility on the cutting edge.
  • Advanced "done for you" marketing campaigns.


The PLAYBOOK is the backbone of the K2XFIT Program. It is a custom web portal containing the complete K2XFIT "business in a box". The PLAYBOOK is also regularly updated and enhanced - keeping you on the cutting edge.

The PLAYBOOK is organized in easy to navigate Modules that contain everything from setting up, launching, marketing, selling, and running the fully featured K2XFIT fitness program. Nothing is left to chance or guesswork. You can focus on your core business and simply unleash K2XFIT with a few mouse clicks. Everything is designed for ease of use, maximum implementation speed and profitability. 

Seamless & Easy Integration

We help you get prepared, geared up, and ready to quickly and seamlessly add K2XFIT to your studio.

Instructor Hiring & Training

We show you how to recruit rockstar instructors and provide all the guidance and training they need to run a world class program.

The Workouts

Result driven, high-intensity custom workouts that keep clients motivated, engaged, inspired and making consistent progress.  Each workout comes with a video tutorial, instructor reference sheets, logo, intro and class specific marketing materials.


The Launch Blueprint

The A-Z on successfully launching K2XFIT in your studio for maximum success and profitability.

The Marketing Battle Plan

A full on battle plan of lead generation funnels, referral marketing, internal promotions, tools, strategies and tested and proven Facebook ad campaigns to make you instantly competitive with any of the million dollar fitness franchises.

The Enrolment Blueprint

An in-depth guide to systematically enrol fitness clients in your studio. Multiple, ready to implement offers and presentation structures to choose from, to quickly grow your membership base. Full sales presentation tutorials and supporting materials.

Social Media Tool Kit

An ever expanding library of professional pictures, videos, and tools to have a massive social media presence and impact. This section alone has $10K+ in design and production value ready to deploy with a few mouse clicks.

Resource Centre

A continually expanding repository of tools and support items including ready to print nutrition guides and manuals, custom wall art, brochures, flyers, window stickers, posters, banners and much more.

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> Who is the K2XFIT leadership team?

Co-founders Alain Moussi and Aksell Nicolaides are lifelong martial artists and fitness fanatics.

Alain went from being the most sought after stunt performer in Hollywood to action leading man starring in multiple movies including the new KICKBOXER with Jean Claude Van Damme and Mike Tyson. Alain has also taken on the role of brand ambassador for K2XFIT, continually appearing on countless media outlets - Catch Alain on the cover of Black Belt magazine this summer.

Aksell is a serial entrepreneur and a sought after business strategists who has been brought in as a hired gun to create marketing systems for businesses ranging from real estate developments, medical centers, vacation destinations, to a number of online businesses.  He has also contributed to the martial arts industry, speaking at the MAIA Supershow and has been featured as a cover story in MA Success.

Most importantly, they also co-own a multi-million dollar group of martial arts schools, and are uniquely positioned to help you generate significant revenue with K2XFIT. No theory or hypothetical information - Just battle tested, ready to deploy, revenue generating strategies, tactics and tools.


> I have bought programs like this before - How is this different?

We have bought those types of programs too. In fact, we have probably bought them all.

Frankly, nothing with this degree of sophistication has ever been offered to the Martial Arts industry.

We saw the trends and wanted to be able to capitalize in our own facilities. After extensive research we would have been more than willing to spend a couple hundred thousand dollars on a high end fitness franchise if we could have simply operated it inside our existing schools. Of course, that’s not possible. We actually contemplated buying a couple of franchises to operate separately but ultimately decided we preferred an integration with our existing facilities. 

The goal then became to create something that was so good, we would be willing to pay $100K for it - and it had to integrate into our martial arts schools without disrupting existing programs.

Well in the end, we did spend $100K. We consulted extensively with world class fitness experts from coast to coast, sought out industry leaders, spend thousands on every program we could get our hands on, invested hundreds of hours in researching the most successful fitness brands, spend tens of thousands on testing Facebook campaigns, build dozens of web properties and marketing funnels, accumulated tens of thousands in marketing materials, graphics, videos, and social media tools, and we made every mistake imaginable while beta testing everything in our own schools.

After 2 years of this process what we ended with is a product good enough to be a competitive fitness franchise, but custom designed to work seamlessly within a martial arts school.


> I already run a fitness Kickboxing Program.

Great - We run a 7 figure fitness kickboxing program in our schools and it has been one of our most successful programs for nearly 20 years. 

Adding K2XFIT gave us instant premium membership opportunities for our existing Kickboxing students to cross train and to get a completely different experience without leaving the facility, which boosted retention and profitability. It will be an instant no-brainer upgrade for many of your existing students.

In addition K2XFIT enables you to bring in a clientele who may never consider “alternative fitness” like Kickboxing or another martial arts based fitness program. Once they are your clients however, we give you strategies on how to get crossover into your other programs. Again, this allows you to upgrade them to premium memberships and boost retention.


> I run a martial arts based fitness program.

K2XFIT is designed for mainstream appeal and to be on trend with the multi billion dollar fitness industry. Again, a large segment of your potential clients will simply not be initially interested in "martial arts fitness". Once you have brought them in with K2XFIT however, you can then introduce them to your other programs that they may have never otherwise considered.


> Why not hire a fitness instructor to run their own program in my facility?

Don’t ever do it.

If you rent out your space to them it’s pocket change - not a business. If you do a profit share, you don’t own the business and you do not have control. If you hire them to run their own program, it’s still based on their personality and skill - which you don’t own and if they are actually any good they will be gone sooner than later anyways.

With K2XFIT you own the program which clients are paying for. The instructors are replaceable, expandable and easy to get. You are in total control and can build a lasting business with a significant revenue stream which is not at the mercy of an employee.


> How can i be sure it will be a good fit with my martial arts academy?

You can be sure that everything about K2XFIT, from the workouts, to the marketing pieces, the presentation and branding is something you will be proud of being associated with as a martial artist. Remember K2XFIT co-founder and spokesperson Alain Moussi is not only an action movie star but also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt who has fought full contact kickboxing. He is the real deal.

A great side benefit of K2XFIT is that it's the ideal workout for combat athletes. Functional, high intensity training that builds strength, endurance, and sheds extra pounds in record time. The fast 30 minute workouts mean that they can focus more of their available time for working on their combat skills - and less on physical conditioning.


> Just how fully featured or "turn key" is the program?

Even if you had never run a club before, you could take the PLAYBOOK and just run with it. In fact several operators have told us they are using many of the strategies they are learning in the PLAYBOOK and applying it to their core martial arts program with great results. We invite you to click the link at the bottom of the page and get the full information, take the video tour and see for yourself.


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